About us

Our small, two person family business called “Agilitas” was founded in 1991. As the years passed and our business grew from strength to strength, we transformed to a company, consequently receiving larger commissions. From 2004 we carried out a wide variety of projects under the name “Agilitas Trio Ltd” to a high degree of satisfaction to our clients. In total the members of Agilitas Trio have combined experience of more than 30 years, both in architectural and food service/design consultancy fields. Agilitas Trio are proficient in modern architectural design, including the increasingly common demand for integrating renewable energy sources into our designs. We have successfully combined long standing architectural techniques and the Energy Sector`s new developments, including solar cells, heat pumps, rainwater harvesting and CHP (carbon saving micro generation technology) Our main strengths as a company consists of complex architectural planning including tender and construction documentation, along with coordination with other engineers, such as structural, mechanical & electrical, environmental and fire safety engineers. Our company has successfully prepared EU founded projects, with the contribution of several proposals. The majority of these projects are either already within construction phases or have been completed, thanks to the technical and architectural preparedness, and “agility”, which is reflected our company name. In the past few years our market participation in the food service& kitchen design consultancy has successfully grown, thanks to our previous experience in food safety & hygiene strategies and also due to the influential advertisement campaign undertaken last year.  

The list of main planning activities:

    • Food industry facilities, such as:
      • Catering unit planning,
      • Industrial kitchen planning,
      • Mill and bakery planning,
      • Confectionary planning,
      • Supermarket/grocery planning,
      • Vegetable processing facility planning,
      • Slaughter-house/meat packing facility planning.


    • Medical facilities planning, such as:
      • Health center planning,
      • Dentist`s lab/office planning,
      • Psychiatry planning,
      • Pharmacy/dispensary/drugstore planning,
      • Social services facility planning.


    • Industrial and transport facility planning, such as:
      • Bus station planning,
      • Bus service/lavatory planning,
      • Railway facility planning,
      • Storage planning,
      • Car service panning.


    • Education/social facilities planning, such as:
      • Crèche/day care planning,
      • Kinder Garden/ nursery school planning,
      • Elementary school planning,
      • Elder care home planning,
      • Community center planning,
      • Sport facility planning,
      • Religious building planning.


  • Moreover, we also participate in consultancy work for other architects and developers in relation to the food service industry and catering kitchen design.

Other businesses:

  • New and used computer distribution and service as separate business branch. Info:www.ebox-pc.hu